Studio Rental and Equipment

Asheville BookWorks occupies approx. 3500 sq ft of studio space with equipment for bookbinding, letterpress, and screen printing and a darkroom for alternative photo-processes.

Rental Guidelines:

Renters supply their own materials and supplies for working and for clean-up.

Renters have previously taken classes and learned how to use equipment at ABW or have otherwise been instructed on rental procedures, how to maintain and use the equipment.

All renters must be approved to use equipment prior to rental.

Hourly rental is $20 / hour. Half-hour minimum.

Hourly renters can purchase a rental card for $120 and receive a bonus 7th hour of rental. Cards are kept in the studio for renters convenience. Cards expire 12 months* after date of purchase. *NOTE: Rental of studio equipment will not be available after March 31, 2019 when Asheville BookWorks closes as a public studio.

Hourly studio rental is available between 1 – 5pm Tuesday through Friday. Regular business hours only.

  • Renters agree to keep their work area tidy and to notify ABW immediately about any equipment issues.
  • Renters agree to maintain equipment, sweep, clean and generally leave all areas of the studio they use neat and tidy.
  • Renters agree to keep door locked during all non-business hours.
  • Renters agree to strict no-visitors policy during non-business hours

Weekly and Monthly rentals can be arranged withLaurie Corral, please call 828.255.8444 to set up an appointment.

Letterpress Equipment and Rental: Artists wishing to rent press time in the letterpress studio for independent work will have taken two to three letterpress classes at BookWorks, show competent printing skills and knowledge of general press care and maintenance. A type deposit is required in advance and is returned when all type has been distributed and presses are cleaned.

  • Kluge Press, 12 x 18
  • Canuck Proof Press, similar to the Vandercook #4
  • Nearly 400 cases of type
  • Vandercook SP20
  • Vandercook #15-21
  • Vandercook #3 – manual press

Bindery Equipment and Rental: enters will have taken at least one binding class at BookWorks and have knowledge of proper use and safety precautions for all cutting equipment. Tabletops must be protected with a cutting mat at all times.

  • 26 1/2” Guillotine
  • 48” Board Shears
  • Hot Foil Stamper (2)
  • Corner Rounder
  • Hollow Drill Press
  • Nipping Presses
  • Backing Press
  • Photo Mount Press
  • Hole Punching Jig
  • Electric Stapler
  • Large Work Tables

Printmaking Equipment and Rental: Renters will have taken at least one printmaking class at BookWorks with the equipment they wish to use, show competent printing skills and knowledge of general press care and maintenance.

  • Ferrous Chloride Bath for etching copper
  • Takach Press, 30 x 48″

Screenprinting & Darkroom Equipment Rental: Renters will have taken at least one class using the equipment they wish to use, show knowledge of general equipment care and maintenance.

  • Photopolymer plate exposure unit, 8 x 10
  • Nu Arc Vacuum table for exposing photopolymer plates for letterpress and photogravure, cyanotypes, and palladium prints
  • Daylab for Polaroid image transfer and emulsion lifts
  • Variety of Screens for Screenprinting
  • Clamps and Hinges for Screenprinting
  • Exposure Unit for Photo Emulsion Screens
  • Large Washout Tub