2018: Feb 17, Intro to Knife Sharpening and Leather Paring


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February 17, 2018
Saturday, 11 – 4 pm
Cost: $105 (price includes a $20 materials fee)
Jon Buller

Description: The class will demonstrate an approach to sharpening an English style leather
paring knife, and its use in paring leather for binding books.

Students will be shown how to pare leather for spines and corners for use in 1/2 leather bindings. They will have the opportunity to work with both English book calf and English goatskin, two very often-used leathers. Sample books of various leathers will be available to demonstrate the wide variety available for binding. There will be discussion of the relative merits of the different types of leathers.

Students should bring to the class:

  • English leather paring knife
  • Sharpening stones, either Arkansas or other stone used with oil or diamond stones
  • Strop and jeweler’s rouge (sharpening compound)Supplies for the class may be purchased online at Talasonline.com (Brooklyn-based supplier of binding tools and materials). Plate glass may be purchased at Wholesale Glass and Mirror on Haywood Rd (West Asheville).