2017: Sept 16-17 Quarter Leather Case Binding with Raised Bands


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September 16 – 17, 2017
Saturday and Sunday, 10 – 5 pm
Cost: $234 (price includes a $10 materials fee)
Instructor: Jon Buller

Description: Leather case bindings can be elegant. They are an economical alternative to traditional laced-on bindings and, if properly executed, can be nearly indistinguishable from the more time-consuming method. They are indispensable in edition binding. The case technique provides an opportunity to build a stronger hinge, historically the weak point in binding technique.

Students will bring a sewn text block (see below), trim as necessary, round and back, line up the text block; pare leather for the cases and construct the cases with the raised bands and head caps; case in the text blocks. Decorating the spines will be discussed.

Students should bring to the class:

  • Leather. Students may bring their own leather, pared or skived to binding thickness, i.e. reasonably thin. Instructor will offer English calf leather and English goatskin – color-light brown. Additional charge for leather at $28.00 per sq ft.
  • Text block. Sewn, any text weight paper, with endsheet sewn on as double folio or tipped on single folio. If the endsheets are guarded the cloth guard should extend at least 1” and remain loose. Approximately 6 x 9”. Number of signatures is open. Can be blank or printed matter prepared for binding.
    NOTE, a few options for the text block are:
    – Keith Smith instructional books can be purchased in loose signature from Hollanders.com in Michigan.
    Breaking of the Day. Ltd edition poetry by Michael Heffernan – instructor has available for purchase.
    – Students may also bring their own unbound text blocks from existing books
  • Decorative papers
  • Bookcloth
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler, small metal square, straight edge, dividers
  • Cutting tools – scissors, scalpel (#23 blade is best) – If you have it, snap off blade tool
  • Bone folder and/or teflon folder
  • Two ½” round paste brushes
  • Paring knife with sharpening stone and strop
  • Small white cotton rags
  • Pencil

Some supplies for the class may be purchased online at Talasonline.com (Brooklyn-based supplier of binding tools and materials) or Hollanders.com in Michigan.