Phish Posters Exhibition, Isadora Bullock

isadora1-300x272Reception, January 10, 5:30 – 7:30 PM, informal gallery talk with Isadora Bullock, wine and cheese

Phish Posters is Isadora Bullock’s culmination of ten year’s work printing Phish themed posters.  The exhibit features a series of brightly colored linoleum cut prints featuring various concerts of the band’s US tours.  Each poster was originally designed and printed by Bullock using the Vandercook presses at Asheville Bookworks.  Her works will be on display from January 10 to February 29, 2014.

Bullock’s interest in designing posters for Phish was cultivated early in her printmaking career; she began experimenting with expressing her interests while working on her BFA at the University of Alabama.  Upon the assignment of her first print project as an undergraduate student, she astounded her professor with and edition of two hundred linocut prints based on Phish—instead of merely completing the quota of five prints that the class was assigned.  Her work evolved during the time that she completed a MFA at the University of Delaware, and over the past eight years, she has developed her own specific printing techniques and her own style of design.

Upon Phish’s reemergence in 2009, Bullock rekindled her passion for band posters and began to print at Asheville BookWorks.   She has her design and printing methods perfected to her own liking and states that, when printing, “you get into a rhythm. There’s a whole dance.”  The majority of Bullock’s works are designed based on song lyrics or a general feeling of the location of the concert that the poster is being printed for.  In 2009, she began to make her posters in large quantities and now frequently travels to Phish concerts in order to sell her works to fans.  Bullock has created a unique and incredible niche for herself in the printmaking community, allowing herself to incorporate her love for Phish’s music with her artistic skill.