It’s Alive!: Frankenstein, 200 Years

Frankenstein-w bandana

An Artist Book + Print Exhibition

On view through October 27, 2018 

Book artists and printmakers from across the US and abroad offer artistic interpretations of the story of Frankenstein. All works received will be on view in the gallery. There will be a talk/presentation by Kirk Boyle (see below). BookWorks Gallery exhibitions are free and open to the public.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley wrote her novel, Frankenstein, in response to a challenge Lord Byron presented to his friends during a long summer expedition. Just a teenager, she created a creature complex and frightening, clandestinely cobbled and sewn together that awakened not one sentiment but a complex synthesis of awe, terror, compassion and grief. Her timeless story, both horrible and heartbreaking, is as fresh today as it was 200 years ago. Over the years and especially the last hundred years, the many faces / facets of Frankenstein and his Monster have shattered and taken on additional meaning. Perhaps the first work of science fiction, the novel stirs critical thinking on nature, humanity, evolution, creative genius and character, science and technology.


All work will be exhibited and remain on view in the gallery from August 9 – October 31. The show is not juried. An online gallery of the exhibition is posted on Google – link to: