Homegrown Alphabets Exhibit

A-to-Z1On view April 29-June 29, 2013

Opening reception May 10th, 2013 5:00-7:30
open to the public

The Letterpress will be set-up for Visitors to make & take-away an original letterpress print.

For those who delight in the printed letter, Homegrown Alphabets is an exhibition not to be missed. Juried by local artist and letterpress printer Eleanor Annand, the show promises to be a celebration of the ascenders, descenders and serifs that compose our written language. Artists across the country have submitted work that uses letterpress and printmaking processes to showcase the beauty and versatility of typography in the tradition of print graphics. The result is a clever and varied pool of work featuring original alphabets and fresh uses of existing type, from which Annand will curate the show. Visitors to Asheville BookWorks are invited to explore the studio and revel in the playful ingenuity of these typographical works of art.

Eleanor Annand has a background in printmaking that spans 14 years and has brought her to the 7 Ton Letterpress Collective of West Asheville. Her experiences with typography extend to a variety of mediums, and she hopes to represent a range of aesthetics and processes in curating Homegrown Alphabets. She will also look for artistic care and intention in submitted work. “You know how you can tell when a meal is made with love,” says Annand. “I want that feeling except with type.”

Juror: Eleanor Annand