Exhibition Dates: November 4 through January 20, 2018

Garden of Disaster by Karen Kunc

woodcut, 2010, 17” x 56”



Artist Karen Kunc explores inventive color abstractions of the natural and human-fashioned world in her prints and artist books, creating ideas of ‘strange beauty’. She is an advocate for the “experiential nature” of artist’s books – that one experiences the work on many sensual and spatial levels. Ms Kunc finds artist books to be a “fertile format”.

Among the many reasons Ms Kunc makes books is to recognize the tactile qualities of work made for the hand, the control of pacing and the “reading/viewing” as an experience, an interest in story-telling, and strong, important historical and cultural associations.

In making “book objects” she engages her love of materials – an awareness of paper, ink, proportion, color, relationships, finish, detail, all parts to the whole, with evidence of craftsmanship. Her books become an aesthetic object, even a beautiful one, as a carrier of important ideas.

Her prints and books often deal with her own “print” issues – reading and perception questions – how one is aware of subtle printed elements, how one reads on multiple dimensional printed levels, how the eye moves through the works into designed entrances and exits, where one gets entwined and held, and where a simple ending forms. The experience of making and thinking is what influences her visual instinct and interconnections, which results in the works themselves.

Aqua Alta by Karen Kunc

woodcut, mokuhanga woodcut, mixed media on Japanese papers, 19.25” x 18.75” folded, 19.25” x 38” open