Elisa Pellacani

elisa_pellacani.bioElisa Pellacani (Reggio Emilia, Italia) studied at the University of Parma (Italia) History of Contemporary Art and at the University of Barcelona (Spain) Anthropology and Ethnography, and at the Istituto Superiore Industrie Artistiche of Urbino (Italy) took courses in book design. While graphic design and illustration is her profession, drawing and photography continue to be central to her publishing plans. The realization of books in a craftsman-like form has brought her closer to other techniques, with which she realizes limited print runs and book-objects. Some of these, mixing bindings and jewelry processes in handmade form, she calls “Jewel-Books” and are useful as wearable accessorizes. Her graphic projects for books start with combining hand-drawn imagery, words and typography on paper. With the “Book’s Itinerant School” that she founded, she makes proposals in different cities and in different venues an artistic publishing workshop aimed at encouraging the knowledge and the practice of making books. In 2008 she created the first Barcelona “Artist’s Book Festival” and has been coordinating it since then, with it celebrating its 8th edition in 2015. Elisa works between Barcelona (Spain) and Reggio Emilia (Italy).