Colossal Cuts: Steamroller Prints

Colossal Cuts –
Steamroller Prints from 2013 and 2015 are on view

Steamroller gallery

Steamroller gallery – prints from the 2015 steamroller print run on view at BookWorks

About Colossal Cuts

How do you make a print that is too big to fit on a press? Use a steamroller, naturally! That’s what we’re doing at Asheville BookWorks. Look on in amazement as local printmakers print their giant block prints—3 x 3’—using only their bare hands (and a steamroller). Printing takes place on Saturday, September 19 between 1 and 5 PM in the driveway just outside BookWorks. Carolina CAT is making this event possible with a generous loan of the steamroller. Steamroller prints will be on view at BookWorks through November 25.

For a glimpse of what this all looks like – watch a video of the 2013 event to see the process (jump to 0:57):