Beer City Prints

Wood Engravers' Network bitBeauty is in the Eye of the Beer Holder,” a quote by Kinky Friedman, sets the tone for Beer City Prints, a collection of 24 original prints by members of the Wood Engraver’s Network (WEN) and the Asheville BookWorks Co-op (ABC), collaborating partners for this portfolio of prints.

In June 2012, WEN members from across the globe met at Asheville BookWorks to hold their annual week long workshop. In celebration of printmaking and the craft-beer brewing industry in Asheville, named Beer City three years in a row, WEN members designed 24 fanciful and intricately carved beer labels. Following the WEN workshop, ABC printmakers developed the text and imagery of the WEN beer labels a step further. Inspired by the beer titles and label art, ABC printmakers responded by creating a context for each label including a bottle element, visual puns and graphic narratives suggested by the individual labels. Neenah Paper, headquartered near Atlanta, GA, donated the paper for Beer City Prints. Each of the participating artists received a complete portfolio. There is one complete portfolio offered for sale. Please inquire. Beer City Prints will be on display through March 5th, 2015.