PrintOcracy: PLAY!

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Asheville BookWorks announces PrintOcracy 2015/PLAY!, a printmaking portfolio exchange featuring participating artists from across the US. The title of the portfolio, PLAY!, refers to objects that ignite interactivity and imagination, that express the act of playing itself. This print exchange focuses on the subject—and subjectivity—of toys. Participants have been asked to submit 12 editions of 11 x 14-inch prints. Eleven prints will be redistributed as a portfolio exchange with other participants in a random selection process. Traditional and contemporary printmaking processes, including intaglio, relief printing, screen printing, and lithography, will be represented.

Click here for the entire portfolio of prints on our facebook page.

Colossal Cuts: Steamroller Prints

Colossal Cuts –
Steamroller Prints from 2013 and 2015 are on view

Steamroller gallery

Steamroller gallery – prints from the 2015 steamroller print run on view at BookWorks

About Colossal Cuts

How do you make a print that is too big to fit on a press? Use a steamroller, naturally! That’s what we’re doing at Asheville BookWorks. Look on in amazement as local printmakers print their giant block prints—3 x 3’—using only their bare hands (and a steamroller). Printing takes place on Saturday, September 19 between 1 and 5 PM in the driveway just outside BookWorks. Carolina CAT is making this event possible with a generous loan of the steamroller. Steamroller prints will be on view at BookWorks through November 25.

For a glimpse of what this all looks like – watch a video of the 2013 event to see the process (jump to 0:57):